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Tomorrowland Group
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is PR +

A Tomorrowland Group creative communication strategy aims above and beyond simple product placement and media launches. We craft bespoke editorial features to present to media, birth new brand and award winning campaign concepts, and direct campaign creative for all channels of media – online and offline.  We engage and maintain a dialogue with all levels of influencers and manage the social presence for our clients

is prescriptive.

We want to make noise for our clients but it’s about quality noise - and prescribing the perfect pitch and volume. And with a diverse portfolio of clients in consumer, retail, online and corporate, both big and boutique, we deliver a customised and layered approach that can be flexed up or down according to a client’s communication requirements. We ensure our direction complements existing marketing strategy and can adapt to changing market forces.

Tomorrowland is connected.

We have a radar for cultural change, emerging trends, and the need to constantly refine our approach in order to engage with out clients, their customers, and the ever changing influencer landscape. We connect our clients to key influencers, potential ambassadors, and a range of specialist resources at a local and global scale.

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