Creative thinking requires strategic thinking.

A Tomorrowland Group creative communication strategy aims above and beyond simple product placement and media launches. We craft bespoke editorial features to present to media, conduct brand insight audits, birth new brand and campaign concepts, and direct campaign creative for all channels of media – online and offline.

Tomorrowland Group is prescriptive.

We want to make noise for our clients but it’s about quality noise – and prescribing the perfect pitch and volume. And with a diverse portfolio of clients in consumer, retail, online and corporate, both big and boutique, we deliver a customised and layered approach that can be flexed up or down according to a client’s communication requirements. We ensure our direction complements existing marketing strategy and can adapt to changing market forces.

Tomorrowland Group is connected.

We have a radar for cultural change, emerging trends, and the need to constantly refine our approach in order to engage with our clients, their customers, and the ever changing media landscape. We connect our clients to key influencers, potential ambassadors, and a range of specialist resources at a local and global scale.

Tomorrowland Group has expertise in.

Retail Offline and Online
Food/Beverage & Hospitality
Luxury products
Cause & Charity partnerships

Welcome to Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland Group is PR+

At Tomorrowland Group, we believe the cornerstone to a marketing campaign is robust earned media. Tomorrowland Group’s breadth and diverse connections to traditional media and digital influencers is key to an engaging diaspora of brand advocates and opinion leaders.

Tomorrowland Group PR+ encompassing:

Upfront news and TV pitching
Editorial Placement / Bespoke Features
Insights & Strategy Development
Big Idea Development & Execution
Content Creation
Events and Experiential Activations
Influencer Engagement
Showroom and Sample Management
Third Party Collaborations / Alliances
Celebrity Management / Negotiation & Contract
Bespoke Editorial Features
Reputation Management & Risk Avoidance

Social Media & Influencer Engagement

Tomorrowland Group has successfully maintained, grown and populated the social media platforms of a plethora of brands within its portfolio. It is with deep understanding, and knowledge of the ever-changing digital landscape, that brands entrust Tomorrowland with agile communications and content generation, responsive consumer relations, and follower/fan acquisition strategies to drive reach and engagement.

Celebrity / Influencer Leverage

When required, the authentic connection of celebrities and influencers to brands is paramount. Finding the right celebrity fit requires a significant review and understanding of broad cultural relevance, and a thorough social media audit. With solid negotiation skill and contractual aptitude, Tomorrowland Group demystifies the process of celebrity ambassadorship and advocacy for our clients.

Brand Development

A recent addition to the capability of the agency has been the assistance provided to existing business to further commericalize their offer, with the addition of brand extensions and sub brands conceptualised by the Tomorrowland Group.

Grandiflora Fragrance

Tomorrowland Group has assisted and nurtured in the development phase, launch and global outreach of the Grandiflora Fragrance brand. Including packaging design, procurement, sales and marketing, and brand management.

Design Studio

Creative content is key. And Tomorrowland Group have the design capability to deploy progressive, compelling, on-brand visual messaging with agility.

SERMO global outreach

As part of the SERMO Network, Tomorrowland Group has the expanded capability of being in non-financial partnership with 14 International PR and Communications agencies globally, all with like-minded boutique specialist consumer/luxury focus. This global ideology and connectedness provides us with insights and trends internationally, and the ability to implement, manage and maintain global communications strategies amongst our agency partners as a project or longer term.

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